A Momma Catastrophe

So…this post is a little bit more personal than I intend to be, usually, but my embarrassing experience last week leads us to this week’s bra review while I anxiously await all of my online orders (my original choice for review).


I am a mother of a 13 month old, and I am still breastfeeding. (By the way, I am not really interested in debating on this topic. At all.) We are weaning, so much so that I can go sometimes three days in a row wearing the same nursing pads because I haven’t let down (I was a heavy milk producer, having to wear nursing pads every day and new ones at night, so this is huge for me). Well, last week I was in a hurry to get out the door and go to work, and forgot to put my nursing pads on. No big deal, right? I hadn’t let down in three days! Wrong. 😦


This also happened to be the day I had a coffee date with Treacle Tart over at The Lingerie Addict (we are both based out of Seattle, and being the “newbie blogger” that I am, I am anxious to make connections!). Well, she was awesome and we had a great chat about bras and life; literally five minutes after saying goodbye to her, I am talking with the Seattle based Chantelle rep at Nordstrom and my milk lets down. Thank God I am friends with that woman, I barely escaped a very embarrassing first encounter with none other than the world’s most successful lingerie blogger! (Treacle, if you happen to read this, I hope you’re laughing)


I ran into the stock room, grabbed the first fellow momma Nordstrom employee that I crossed paths with and desperately asked for help. She was my angel that day! Less than ten minutes after the incident happened, I had myself a new shirt and was the proud new owner of a very unexpected bra. I guess you could say I was feeling impulsive (obviously my hormones were)…and cheap. But I am in love and want to share my love with all of you!


Check out this beaut…

I know it’s a small picture, I apologize, but you can check out Nordstrom.com to see all of the views of this bra in bigger photos. So, this Kensie ‘Stella’ Demi Corselet Bra is AMAZING. Because I am weaning, I am shrinking, and bought this in a 32DD–instead of the 34D I have been wearing for the past year (before baby I was a 32D)–which fits like a glove. It is super supportive, super cute, super comfy and SUPER CHEAP! $36…let’s just say I was not expecting such a high quality product for that price. I have only worn it twice so I will be washing it, we will see how that goes, but other than that, this baby is awesome! I love the three clasp back (hard to find in a 32DD), it makes me feel secure and less like my “back fat” is going to pop out. The only downside is its measly size run (32B-36D), but if you read my “Transformation Tuesday” you saw that Freya has a long line in a much larger size run that I am mad about too 🙂



Okay. That is all. I am going to go enjoy my hubby now (It’s our wedding anniversary and I wasn’t supposed to be blogging tonight, but you know how it is!).