Size Conversions…UK, US, European

Well, day one of searching for 38+ band bras (let’s be more specific, I’ve been searching mostly for 46-52 bands because there are actually a great number of 38-42 sizes available) has led to a bit of frustration. And I understand sizing pretty well, I must say. I got to thinking how confusing shopping for a bra would be to a woman, say a US size 46G, with all of these stores only carrying bras to a 38 or 40 band (Nordy’s does have a couple of 44s), and only carrying a US G (Macy’s). So I decided to post a conversion chart for you all 🙂

Now you can go ahead and pretty much disregard the first column, I found this particular chart on but by no means recommend fitting yourself. In the larger sizes especially, it usually doesn’t work. It is a very, very rough guideline.

  • The US column are brands like Soma, Wacoal, Lilyette, Bali, Vanity Fair, Natori, Betsey Johnson (just to name a few).
  • European sizing would be Chantelle (among others)
  • UK sizing includes Eveden (Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, Goddess) and Panache (among others)

Did you notice which Lingerie giant was missing among this list? Victoria’s Secret maybe? What is so appalling about VS is that because of their brilliant marketing and astonishing success, they don’t have to help their customer. They don’t have to offer customer service in any form, really, because they are so well branded that women just want to walk out with that pink striped bag, not caring less about how its pricey contents actually fit, wash, or wear. Hmph. So, we will just leave VS with a ? for now as far as how it converts on the chart (it just doesn’t).

Hopefully you aren’t wearing VS and find this chart useful. If you are wearing a VS bra, you should get in contact with me so that I can double check your fit, free of charge 🙂

Also, just as a little announcement for Washington/Oregon: I NEED FIT MODELS!! If you are pretty darn sure you are a 38+ band, or a A or AA cup, I will buy you one bra if I can use your critiques and pics (no tummy, no head, just a pic of the bra and how it fits so you can stay anonymous). Please get in touch with me if you are interested! I am pretty sure I can get you a bra that is cuter AND more comfortable than the one you are wearing right now (unless you were helped by a fit specialist in the last year).
Good night everyone, and thanks for reading!

Tshirt and Every day Bras: Fact Vs. Fiction

Good Evening!

Tonight I will be covering the first of your 5 must have bra styles: tshirt (basic, everyday) bras! There are a few misconceptions about what to shop for when looking for this kind of bra, starting with:

1. I need to own a white bra to wear under white shirts. Wrong! You can if you would like, I suppose, but white on white actually enhances itself instead of blending in. Choosing a skin toned bra makes much more sense when wearing a white (or any color but fairly translucent) shirt, doesn’t it? That should make your bra shopping a little easier already, because many manufacturers don’t make their styles in white every season! It tends to be a summer thing, if at all. The white trend is much bigger across the pond.

2. I can’t wear a lace bra for my everyday bra because the seams will show. Okay, while this isn’t completely wrong, it is wrong most of the time for current fashion trends. To this statement I usually reply with “Is everything you own a skin tight white tshirt?” Because if the answer is no, which I hope it is, you can wear lace bras. When layering, you cannot see seams. When wearing jackets or sweaters, you cannot see seams. When wearing dark colors, black, or even certain prints, you cannot see seams. Make sense? My last post did say that you need two everyday bras, so maybe you would feel most comfortable having one be a molded cup tshirt bra and the other being a cut & sewn lace.

3. I can’t wear a thin bra (whether it is lace, lycra, cotton) because I have prominent nipples. Wrong! You now can! Wacoal has this wonderful little thing called No Peeks. Slip inside any bra, and you’re good to go! Rumor has it that this is what the lingerie models wear in catalog shoots. Haven’t you ever wondered why all of the bras look molded, and then you go shopping to find most of them aren’t? Tricky, tricky.

This last one isn’t really a myth, but more just a defiant statement: I don’t wear lace bras, they’re too old. Wrong, wrong, wrong!! I mainly get this from very young customers (15-25), but it still isn’t true! Lace bras are the SEXIEST, ask any man. So when did sexy become a synonym with old? Never. The truth is, sexiness aside, cut & sewn bras are the most supportive bras available because of the seams. In fact, the more seams, the more support. It’s like steel beams in a skyscraper, you’re going to want that skyscraper to have quite a few if you are in it, right?  I guarantee once you try one on, you will understand what I am talking about. A cut & sewn bra in the right size has this uncanny ability to make you not only look perky, but ten pounds lighter! It is wonderful.

I hope that you have learned a little something tonight! Before I sign off I would like to share a few of my favorite everyday bras in stores now:)

NatoriBody Double, 32c-38DDD 

Wacoal Basic Beauty, 32D-44G

Panache‘s Andorra, 32DD-42J

Chantelle’s Rive Gauche, 32C-44H

Next Up…Sports and strapless bras!