Size Conversions…UK, US, European

Well, day one of searching for 38+ band bras (let’s be more specific, I’ve been searching mostly for 46-52 bands because there are actually a great number of 38-42 sizes available) has led to a bit of frustration. And I understand sizing pretty well, I must say. I got to thinking how confusing shopping for a bra would be to a woman, say a US size 46G, with all of these stores only carrying bras to a 38 or 40 band (Nordy’s does have a couple of 44s), and only carrying a US G (Macy’s). So I decided to post a conversion chart for you all 🙂

Now you can go ahead and pretty much disregard the first column, I found this particular chart on but by no means recommend fitting yourself. In the larger sizes especially, it usually doesn’t work. It is a very, very rough guideline.

  • The US column are brands like Soma, Wacoal, Lilyette, Bali, Vanity Fair, Natori, Betsey Johnson (just to name a few).
  • European sizing would be Chantelle (among others)
  • UK sizing includes Eveden (Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, Goddess) and Panache (among others)

Did you notice which Lingerie giant was missing among this list? Victoria’s Secret maybe? What is so appalling about VS is that because of their brilliant marketing and astonishing success, they don’t have to help their customer. They don’t have to offer customer service in any form, really, because they are so well branded that women just want to walk out with that pink striped bag, not caring less about how its pricey contents actually fit, wash, or wear. Hmph. So, we will just leave VS with a ? for now as far as how it converts on the chart (it just doesn’t).

Hopefully you aren’t wearing VS and find this chart useful. If you are wearing a VS bra, you should get in contact with me so that I can double check your fit, free of charge 🙂

Also, just as a little announcement for Washington/Oregon: I NEED FIT MODELS!! If you are pretty darn sure you are a 38+ band, or a A or AA cup, I will buy you one bra if I can use your critiques and pics (no tummy, no head, just a pic of the bra and how it fits so you can stay anonymous). Please get in touch with me if you are interested! I am pretty sure I can get you a bra that is cuter AND more comfortable than the one you are wearing right now (unless you were helped by a fit specialist in the last year).
Good night everyone, and thanks for reading!

Wardrobing: Necessities

I am going to kick off this blog just like I would kick off  any fitting appointment and ask you a few simple questions.

How many bras do you own? Do you have a good workout bra? Work bra? Chores/lounge bra? Evening bra? What about a sexy bra?

Get the idea? Sorry for the quickfire. Yes, technically these are simple questions, but string them together like I just did and your head starts spinning a bit, feeling like you are back at that department store, wandering around, trying to find something...anything that will work. But, believe it or not, this idea of wardrobing isn’t all a sales strategy. Bras are designed differently for different activities.  Personally, I recommend a minimum of five bras (I know this sounds like a lot to some of you, but you can work up to this, you don’t have to go out and buy all five right this minute):

1.  At least 2 Everyday bras. Bras shouldn’t be worn two days in a row, so you should have a minimum of 2 to rotate them in every other day. You’ll see I come back to the importance of this alot:)

Elomi’s Hermione Spacer Bra

2. A Sports bra. Even if you don’t work out that often, you are sure to have routine activities that make you sweat, don’t kid yourself. Sport bras are especially important for women D+ in size (provides the super strength you need to not bounce around) and are made with fabrics that have superior sweat wicking capabilities.

Panache Sport Bra

3. An evening (strapless or convertible) bra. If it works for you, one of your everyday bras can have removable straps, being able to convert to a strapless when necessary. If you wear lots of dresses though, I strongly advise having a dedicated strapless bra or two.

Goddess Marilyn Strapless Bra (to a H cup!)

4. A SEXY bra. I don’t care what you look like. I don’t care if you are single or married (or somewhere in between). I don’t care how old you are. Every woman needs a sexy bra, even if sexy to you means just a little flower in the center of your tshirt bra, or a little frill at the top of the cup, or even just a cute color in your basic bra. Make sure you own at least one bra that makes you want to walk around shirtless, I bet it will quickly become your favorite!

Cleo’s Marcie Bra (also to a H cup)

*Bottom line: every bra you own should make you feel like a million bucks. If it doesn’t, THROW IT OUT!

Okay. The hard part is over. Next comes the fun part… shopping (well, fitting and then…shopping)!




Hello, ladies!

Welcome to For the Love of Lingerie, where I hope to pass along every bit of lingerie knowledge I have on to you (along with fun, fashionable tips here and there!)  I have been working in the lingerie industry for four years, and have worked all sides of it. I am a certified fitter, merchandiser and brand representative. I have been a customer and have been behind the scenes at over twenty department stores, and have always been extremely saddened by the overwhelming amount of customers who do not leave feeling happier, feeling more beautiful (which is how you should always feel after buying a bra).

Hard-to-fit women (whom, by the way are only “hard to fit” because for some reason bras of this nature are hard to find) fall into three main categories:

1. Thick torsoed (38+ band)

2. Petite, full busted (26-34 D-KK+)

3. Petite, small busted (26-32 A-AA)

I am here to help all women, but I am here because of my disappointment in observing how many women are not taken care of when walking into a Lingerie store or department. So if you fall into one of the three categories above, or think you do, then stick around please:) I promise to not give up or turn anyone away!

I cannot wait to embark on this journey to advise and assist in helping you find exceptional bras that fit & flatter like nothing you have experienced before, regardless of your size:)
Stay tuned!

Love, Sarah