Straps…and a little venting sesh.

]Hi everyone!

I apologize for my five days of silence, I am on a MW business trip (started in Minneapolis, wrapping up in Chicago) and have been quite busy with that!


Anyway, should I start with my main topic or my vent? Yes, I think venting so that I can focus on a clear & concise post for you all 🙂



THE LINGERIE INDUSTRY MAKES IT SUPER DIFFICULT TO BUY 46G BRAS…EVEN ONLINE!!!! I can’t tell you how many apology emails I have received from Linda’s and HerRoom, letting me know that my bras actually weren’t in stock, and they would be to me MUCH later than promised. I understand when an online retailer lets you know before you purchase that the style is back ordered…but after? What if I had needed this for a specific occasion? Before this little experiment, I thought it was only hard for curvy girls to buy bras off the racks, but to be treated this way even online is absolutely angering. UGH!!! I’m sorry to all of you 44+ girls out there…this is so unfair:(

Now…on to my main topic: Straps. I just want to conduct a little survey (I know I’m new so it will probably have few participants, but still:)) about how everyone feels about your bra straps!

I heard an earful on improvements that could be made to bra straps today, and it spiked my curiosity 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!