A Quest for the Best…

So, I started this blog for all women, but specifically two kinds of women: the very petite breasted ladies and very full breasted ladies. Don’t worry ‘average’ sized ladies, I’ll show you love too. I after all, am a 34D=can shop anywhere. For the next week I will be focusing on the 38+ band customer. This is the customer I see turned away the most at stores (with the As and AAs running a close second), and this is the customer I want to serve first (again, with the As and AAs a close second). Which is difficult, considering the industry has not covered this market well, but I am up to the challenge 🙂

These next few weeks I will be tackling the issue in two ways:

I just ordered a bra from Empriente a few days ago for my 46G “fit model” (more like gracious guinea pig, being patient with me trying to find her adequate bras). I will be doing a review when it comes, as I am very interested to see what $170 buys me in bra land!


I plan on providing retailers that carry this merchandise (unfortunately, most if not all of them will be online so you can count on me ordering from these sites and reviewing my experience as well as the product with you).

If anybody has any questions related to this topic while I am conducting my investigation, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I want to help:)

Excited to see what the results are!

Love, Sarah