Size Conversions…UK, US, European

Well, day one of searching for 38+ band bras (let’s be more specific, I’ve been searching mostly for 46-52 bands because there are actually a great number of 38-42 sizes available) has led to a bit of frustration. And I understand sizing pretty well, I must say. I got to thinking how confusing shopping for a bra would be to a woman, say a US size 46G, with all of these stores only carrying bras to a 38 or 40 band (Nordy’s does have a couple of 44s), and only carrying a US G (Macy’s). So I decided to post a conversion chart for you all 🙂

Now you can go ahead and pretty much disregard the first column, I found this particular chart on but by no means recommend fitting yourself. In the larger sizes especially, it usually doesn’t work. It is a very, very rough guideline.

  • The US column are brands like Soma, Wacoal, Lilyette, Bali, Vanity Fair, Natori, Betsey Johnson (just to name a few).
  • European sizing would be Chantelle (among others)
  • UK sizing includes Eveden (Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, Goddess) and Panache (among others)

Did you notice which Lingerie giant was missing among this list? Victoria’s Secret maybe? What is so appalling about VS is that because of their brilliant marketing and astonishing success, they don’t have to help their customer. They don’t have to offer customer service in any form, really, because they are so well branded that women just want to walk out with that pink striped bag, not caring less about how its pricey contents actually fit, wash, or wear. Hmph. So, we will just leave VS with a ? for now as far as how it converts on the chart (it just doesn’t).

Hopefully you aren’t wearing VS and find this chart useful. If you are wearing a VS bra, you should get in contact with me so that I can double check your fit, free of charge 🙂

Also, just as a little announcement for Washington/Oregon: I NEED FIT MODELS!! If you are pretty darn sure you are a 38+ band, or a A or AA cup, I will buy you one bra if I can use your critiques and pics (no tummy, no head, just a pic of the bra and how it fits so you can stay anonymous). Please get in touch with me if you are interested! I am pretty sure I can get you a bra that is cuter AND more comfortable than the one you are wearing right now (unless you were helped by a fit specialist in the last year).
Good night everyone, and thanks for reading!

Transformation Tuesday

So, I will not be posting transformations every single week, but when I have good ones, I will be sure to share:)
I had the pleasure of fitting an awesome lady a couple of weeks ago, who was so delighted in her newfound size that she had to text me a week later letting me know how wonderful she felt in her new bras!

Before. Wearing an old VS bra, around a 36-38D. Did I mention she has quite the personality?! (note her disgruntled expression)
After. I fit her into a 38FF/G (depending on brand). Look how much thinner she looks! Not to mention, her improved posture and beaming smile. She now is the proud owner of Freya’s Piper Longline bra,  and Cleo’s Marcie and Meg.
It makes my week when I can help someone feel better about themselves! Just remember: you deserve it. You deserve to be comfortable in a bra all day long and look amazing in it.
Have a great day!
Love, Sarah

How and Where to Get Fit for a Bra

Hello again:)

I know that Friday’s post felt a little like a school lesson and less like lingerie shopping, but you’re almost to the fun part, you just have to find out your size first (get a bra fitting). I know that this isn’t at the top of your to-do list, but do it. 85% of women wear the wrong size bra, 90 million in our country (do a little of your own research if you don’t believe me)! So the odds are stacked against you, I’m afraid, which brings me to my first warning when lingerie shopping:

1. DO NOT WALK INTO A STORE AND TELL THE SALES GIRLS YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT SIZE YOU ARE. Because most likely, you’ve changed since you last knew your size.

2. DO NOT FIT YOURSELF. You don’t know how. It will be much faster and less agonizing if you just leave it to the professionals.

3. DO NOT EXPECT TO FIND EXPERTS AT VS (Victoria’s Secret). Yes they have cute stuff, but the necessary size ranges and fitting knowledge is just not there.

Okay, excuse my “shouting”, I just needed to make sure we are all on the same page. I strongly recommend going to Nordstrom or Intimacy stores to be fit, because of their consistency in fitting/breast health knowledge across the country. There are plenty of free standing lingerie boutiques that are great, but it depends on where you live so message me if you want a referral in your area!

Most expert fitters know your approximate size just by looking at you, but they will take a few measurements to be sure. Some places like you to have your shirt off, others don’t mind if you leave it on.  One thing that is helpful to remember: bras are a lot like jeans. Even if you have a “size” every brand and style fits a little differently. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out your size (sizes, depending on brands) and what shape flatters you best. Be patient. Don’t go bra shopping with only 20-30 minutes to spare. Plan on the whole event taking around an hour to be safe.

So, now that you are rushing to your phone to call and schedule an appointment with a bra fitting extraordinaire, I’ll say adieu; tomorrow we begin SHOPPING<3

Love, Sarah