4 Brands offering 46 Bands that won’t Break the Bank

This weekend I had better luck with getting a bit of a selection in brands that make 46 band bras. I will be having fit models testing these out for me as I order them. All brands listed below offer styles in 46 bands under $50 that are cute! We aren’t just talking your run of the mill beige for under $50, these are PRETTY IN PURPLE!

Amoureuse $24.99 Floral Embroidered Back Hook Underwire 38B-48DD

Elila $42 Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire 36E-46I

Glamorise $41.99 Elegance Front Close Underwire 36C-46G

Goddess $46 Alice Full Cup Underwire 34G-48L

Two of my other favorite brands carrying 46+ bands are Elomi and Prima Donna, both of which with price tags over $50 (hence the reason they are not pictured above).

It makes my heart happy to see bras in fun colors. With the styles these days (layers, loose fit, etc) it has become much easier, even practical to wear colorful lingerie on a day to day basis! If anyone has feedback on the styles above, I would love to hear from you, expecially the Amoureuse at $24.99, sounds too good to be true!

Now, go out and get yourself a pretty purple bra! You don’t have to spend a fortune;)

Love, Sarah