Hi there! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, mommy, and lingerie consultant.  I work for a fabulous British lingerie company (Panache*) that specializes in the petite full bust sized market.I absolutely love my field of work, and have had a desire to help women of hard to fit sizes for years, but just did not know how to go about it. That is how this blog was born! My passion lies specifically in helping very petite busted women and very full busted women find bras that fit them comfortably (and flatter), which is ironic, considering I myself am currently a 34D. I hope that this becomes a place that you can come for fun, to find answers, or inspiration, and most of all, it leads to you findingundergarments that make you feel fabulous! Because you always were;)


*Panache is not affiliated/endorsing this blog.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi can you help me decide on a size. my auntie wants to get me some bras and i normally wear 40H or a step higher for panache. but she is buying the bras from victoria secret. can you help me with the size i should give her because i dont know if they are the same sizes. please its urgent

    • Hi Sedem,

      Whether you are a 40H, 42H, or 40HH (wasn’t sure which way you may have been a “step higher”), unfortunately your Aunt will not be able to find bras that fit you at VS. I believe their bras cut off at 38DD or DDD, either of which does not come close to the coverage you need. I would highly recommend doing research on where you can find stores that carry 40H (Nordstrom being one), and I am curious to know which style you wore in Panache? We offer very few in 40 Bands.

      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply!

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