Straps…and a little venting sesh.

]Hi everyone!

I apologize for my five days of silence, I am on a MW business trip (started in Minneapolis, wrapping up in Chicago) and have been quite busy with that!


Anyway, should I start with my main topic or my vent? Yes, I think venting so that I can focus on a clear & concise post for you all 🙂



THE LINGERIE INDUSTRY MAKES IT SUPER DIFFICULT TO BUY 46G BRAS…EVEN ONLINE!!!! I can’t tell you how many apology emails I have received from Linda’s and HerRoom, letting me know that my bras actually weren’t in stock, and they would be to me MUCH later than promised. I understand when an online retailer lets you know before you purchase that the style is back ordered…but after? What if I had needed this for a specific occasion? Before this little experiment, I thought it was only hard for curvy girls to buy bras off the racks, but to be treated this way even online is absolutely angering. UGH!!! I’m sorry to all of you 44+ girls out there…this is so unfair:(

Now…on to my main topic: Straps. I just want to conduct a little survey (I know I’m new so it will probably have few participants, but still:)) about how everyone feels about your bra straps!

I heard an earful on improvements that could be made to bra straps today, and it spiked my curiosity 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!



A Momma Catastrophe

So…this post is a little bit more personal than I intend to be, usually, but my embarrassing experience last week leads us to this week’s bra review while I anxiously await all of my online orders (my original choice for review).


I am a mother of a 13 month old, and I am still breastfeeding. (By the way, I am not really interested in debating on this topic. At all.) We are weaning, so much so that I can go sometimes three days in a row wearing the same nursing pads because I haven’t let down (I was a heavy milk producer, having to wear nursing pads every day and new ones at night, so this is huge for me). Well, last week I was in a hurry to get out the door and go to work, and forgot to put my nursing pads on. No big deal, right? I hadn’t let down in three days! Wrong. 😦


This also happened to be the day I had a coffee date with Treacle Tart over at The Lingerie Addict (we are both based out of Seattle, and being the “newbie blogger” that I am, I am anxious to make connections!). Well, she was awesome and we had a great chat about bras and life; literally five minutes after saying goodbye to her, I am talking with the Seattle based Chantelle rep at Nordstrom and my milk lets down. Thank God I am friends with that woman, I barely escaped a very embarrassing first encounter with none other than the world’s most successful lingerie blogger! (Treacle, if you happen to read this, I hope you’re laughing)


I ran into the stock room, grabbed the first fellow momma Nordstrom employee that I crossed paths with and desperately asked for help. She was my angel that day! Less than ten minutes after the incident happened, I had myself a new shirt and was the proud new owner of a very unexpected bra. I guess you could say I was feeling impulsive (obviously my hormones were)…and cheap. But I am in love and want to share my love with all of you!


Check out this beaut…

I know it’s a small picture, I apologize, but you can check out to see all of the views of this bra in bigger photos. So, this Kensie ‘Stella’ Demi Corselet Bra is AMAZING. Because I am weaning, I am shrinking, and bought this in a 32DD–instead of the 34D I have been wearing for the past year (before baby I was a 32D)–which fits like a glove. It is super supportive, super cute, super comfy and SUPER CHEAP! $36…let’s just say I was not expecting such a high quality product for that price. I have only worn it twice so I will be washing it, we will see how that goes, but other than that, this baby is awesome! I love the three clasp back (hard to find in a 32DD), it makes me feel secure and less like my “back fat” is going to pop out. The only downside is its measly size run (32B-36D), but if you read my “Transformation Tuesday” you saw that Freya has a long line in a much larger size run that I am mad about too 🙂



Okay. That is all. I am going to go enjoy my hubby now (It’s our wedding anniversary and I wasn’t supposed to be blogging tonight, but you know how it is!).




October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Ladies! Get out and support breast cancer awareness this month:)

Here’s just a few ways you can do so (some only available in the NW):

Nordstrom Frill Seekers:

October 19th and 20th (NW dates, check your local Nordy’s for event dates). For every bra purchased, $2 goes to Susan G Komen Foundation.

Gene Juarez Get Screened, Get Pampered!:

Dates vary by location. Get a mini hand treatment or foot soak, special gift, and soothing cup of tea along with your mammogram appointment. And if that isn’t enough, you get entered into a free drawing to win a $100 GJ gift card!

Macy’s Fit for the Cure:

Dates vary by location. Get fit in a Wacoal or B’Tempted bra and a $2 donation will be made to Susan G Komen Foundation, no purchase necessary. If you do purchase a Wacoal or B’Tempted bra, an additional $2 will be donated!

Other fun breast cancer awareness supporters:

Curves has $0 Joining fee from Oct 1-14th for anyone showing proof of having a mammogram performed in the last year or who donate $25 annually to American Cancer Society. (nation wide)

Last but definitely not least…go buy yourself a hot pink sports bra (Panache!)!

There are more supporters of breast cancer awareness than I have time or space to share in this post, but for all you skeptics out there, this is a great resource to “think before you pink”!

However you choose to show your support of Breast Cancer Awareness this month, please do!

Love, Sarah

4 Brands offering 46 Bands that won’t Break the Bank

This weekend I had better luck with getting a bit of a selection in brands that make 46 band bras. I will be having fit models testing these out for me as I order them. All brands listed below offer styles in 46 bands under $50 that are cute! We aren’t just talking your run of the mill beige for under $50, these are PRETTY IN PURPLE!

Amoureuse $24.99 Floral Embroidered Back Hook Underwire 38B-48DD

Elila $42 Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire 36E-46I

Glamorise $41.99 Elegance Front Close Underwire 36C-46G

Goddess $46 Alice Full Cup Underwire 34G-48L

Two of my other favorite brands carrying 46+ bands are Elomi and Prima Donna, both of which with price tags over $50 (hence the reason they are not pictured above).

It makes my heart happy to see bras in fun colors. With the styles these days (layers, loose fit, etc) it has become much easier, even practical to wear colorful lingerie on a day to day basis! If anyone has feedback on the styles above, I would love to hear from you, expecially the Amoureuse at $24.99, sounds too good to be true!

Now, go out and get yourself a pretty purple bra! You don’t have to spend a fortune;)

Love, Sarah