Transformation Tuesday

So, I will not be posting transformations every single week, but when I have good ones, I will be sure to share:)
I had the pleasure of fitting an awesome lady a couple of weeks ago, who was so delighted in her newfound size that she had to text me a week later letting me know how wonderful she felt in her new bras!

Before. Wearing an old VS bra, around a 36-38D. Did I mention she has quite the personality?! (note her disgruntled expression)
After. I fit her into a 38FF/G (depending on brand). Look how much thinner she looks! Not to mention, her improved posture and beaming smile. She now is the proud owner of Freya’s Piper Longline bra,  and Cleo’s Marcie and Meg.
It makes my week when I can help someone feel better about themselves! Just remember: you deserve it. You deserve to be comfortable in a bra all day long and look amazing in it.
Have a great day!
Love, Sarah

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